Nanomaterials - Introduction

7 Sep 2023, 09:00
1h 30m
ROOM S8 (Consorzio Universitario)


Consorzio Universitario

Via Prasecco 3/A | 33170 Pordenone (PN) | Italy


Prof. Liliia Turovska (Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University)


Nanotechnology and nanomaterials.
Classifications of nanomaterials, their properties.
Historical overview of nanomaterials.
Reasons for special properties of nanoscale materials.
Classical and quantum size effects.
Basic concepts of quantum physics.
The energy of an electron in an atom.
Harmonic oscillator: transition from classical to quantum.
Wave-particle duality. Uncertainty principle.
Condensed matter physics. Electrons in crystals.
Quantum dots and their applications.
Quantum tunneling.
Application of nanomaterials.

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