19-24 June 2022
Bled, Slovenia
Europe/Ljubljana timezone


Juan J. Alvarado-Gil (Mexico)

Thermal characterization of composites and layered systems: Challenges and opportunities

Nelson G.C. Astrath (Brazil)

Decoupling bulk and surface radiation forces in a dielectric liquid

Mauro L. Baesso (Brazil)

Photoacoustic and photothermal methods towards the characterization of solar energy

Filippo Bencivenga (Italy)

Nanoscale structural dynamics by extreme ultraviolet transient gratings

Jerzy Bodzenta (Poland)

Scanning Thermal Microscopy – current applications and perspectives

Peter Burgholzer (Austria)

Detectability of noisy signals for photothermal and photoacoustic reconstruction

Tomaz Catunda (Brazil)

Refractive index changes in solid state laser materials

Alex Fainstein (Argentina)

Optomechanical strong coupling in lattices of light fluids and sound

Ernesto Marin Moraes (Mexico)

Front detection laser-spot active infrared thermography for thermal characterization of insulating solids

Michael Kolios (Canada) 

On the detection of aerosolized submicron particles using non-contact photoacoustics

Roberto Li Voti (Italy)

Photothermal Characterization at a Nanoscopic Scale

Osamu Matsuda (Japan)

Optical generation and detection of GHz longitudinal and transverse acoustic waves in transparent medium with metallic grating structure

Arantza Mendioroz (Spain)

Nondestructive control of materials in motion using laser-spot thermography

Fulvio Mercuri (Italy)

Thermographic imaging for applications in Cultural Heritage

Alberto Oleaga (Spain)

Thermal properties and critical behavior in rare-earth based magnetocaloric materials

Jose Ordonez-Miranda (France)

Thermal-Wave Diode

Guenther Paltauf (Austria)

Structured illumination photoacoustic imaging using Hadamard encoding

Michal Pawlak (Poland)

Spectrally resolved modulated infrared radiometry

Georg Ramer (Austria)

Photothermal spectroscopy for nanoscale chemical imaging

Alexey Scherbakov (Germany)

Driving coherent phonons and magnons by light

Nima Tabatabaei (Canada)

Molecular-Specific Imaging of Tissue with Photo-Thermal Optical Coherence Tomography 

Oliver Wright (Japan)

Imaging acoustic waves in 2D confined by hook or by crook

Perry Xiao (United Kingdom)

Photothermal Radiometry Data Analysis with Machine Learning