ICPPP21 International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena

from Sunday, 19 June 2022 (10:00) to Friday, 24 June 2022 (19:00)
Bled, Slovenia

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19 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022
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23 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022
Registration (until 08:30) ()
Openning ceremony (until 09:00) ()
09:00 PL1- Alexander Oraevsky: Quantitative optoacoustic tomography   ()
09:45 PL2- Srirang Manohar: Photoacoustic mammography   ()
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Biomedical Imaging and Applications (until 13:00) ()
11:00 KN1- Guenter Paltauf: Structured illumination photoacoustic imaging using Hadamard encoding - KEYNOTE SESSION   ()
11:30 KN2- Daniel Razansky: Triple Modality transmission-reflection optoacoustic ultrasound (TROPUS) computed tomography of small animals - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
12:00 O1- Robert Nuster: Camera based photoacoustic imaging: sensitivity and resolution improvement   ()
12:20 O2- M. Inês P. Mendes: Nanodroplets loaded with tetrapyrrolic dyes for photoacoustic tomography   ()
12:40 O3- Diogo A. Pereira: Photoacoustic delivery of photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy   ()
Laser Ultrasonics (until 13:00) ()
11:00 KN5- Alexey V. Scherbakoy: Driving coherent phonons and magnons by light - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:30 KN6- Oliver Wright: Imaging acoustic waves in 2D confined by hook or by crook - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
12:00 O22- Georg Watzl: In situ laser-ultrasonic characterization of plates through zero-group-velocity- and thickness resonances   ()
12:20 O23- Sylvain Mezil: Zero-group-velocity Lamb mode’s behaviour in the vicinity of a thickness step   ()
12:40 O24- Guiq Yan: Zero-group velocity resonance spectroscopy for bulk acoustic wave resonator characterization   ()
Material Research and Characterization (until 13:00) ()
11:00 KN3- Mauro Luciano Baesso: Photoacoustic and photothermal methods towards the characterization of solar energy conversion technologies: progress to date - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:30 KN4- Fulvio Mercuri: Thermographic imaging for applications in cultural heritage - KEYNOTE LECTURER   ()
12:00 O9- Blaž Belec: Topological insulator nanoparticles - material with prospect for photothermal applications   ()
12:20 O10- Samuel Raetz: 3D imaging of water ice under high-pressure non-hydrostatic load by time-domain Brillouin scattering   ()
12:40 O11- Samuel Raetz: Real-time monitoring of light-induced curing of organosilicate glass low-k films by time-domain Brillouin scattering   ()
Plenary session: Thermophysical Properties / Material Research and Characterization (until 09:15) ()
08:30 PL3- Christ Glorieux: Photothermal and photoacoustic exploration of relaxation in supercooled liquids   ()
Plenary session: Materials Research and Characterization / Novel Methodologies, Instrumentation and Applications (until 10:00) ()
09:15 PL4- Ji-Xin Cheng: Mid-infrared photothermal microscopy   ()
Coffee break (until 10:30) ()
Infrared Thermography / Nondestructive Evaluation (until 12:30) ()
10:30 KN16- Margaux Bouzin: Imaging thermal properties by super-resolution far-infrared thermography - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:00 KN17- Arantza Mendioroz: Nondestructive control of materials in motion using laser spot thermography - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:30 O55- Nelson W. Pech-May: Automatic inspection of surface breaking cracks using laser scanning thermography   ()
11:50 O56- Mathias Ziegler: New options for finding defects on and below the surface using structured laser thermography   ()
12:10 O57- Simon J. Altenburg: Towards hyperspectral in-situ temperature measurement in metal additive manufacturing   ()
Low-Dimensional Systems, Nanoscale Phenomena and Nanostructures (until 12:30) ()
10:30 KN12- Roberto Li Voti: Photothermal characterization at a nanoscopic scale - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:00 KN13- Aleks Fainstein: Optomechanical strong coupling in lattices of light fluids and sound - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:30 O41- Michele Diego: Ultrafast excitation of water-immersed Carbon Nanotubes: thermophone vs mechanophone effect   ()
11:50 O42- Changxiu Li: Laser-induced coherent GHz surface acoustic waves in cleaved superlattices   ()
12:10 O43- Fernando Cervantes-Alvarez: Photoacoustic monitoring of the process of alignment in liquid dispersions of magnetized carbon nanotubes   ()
Thermophysical Properties (until 12:30) ()
10:30 KN14- Alberto Oleaga: Thermal properties and critical behavior in rare-earth based magnetocaloric materials - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:00 KN15- Juan Jose Alvarado Gil: Thermal characterization of composites and layered systems: Challenges and opportunities - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:30 O48- Ameneh Mikaeeli: Advantages and disadvantages of photothermal measurement methods estimating thermal transport properties of multilayered samples.   ()
11:50 O49- Qi Wei: Photothermal study of structural relaxation in supercooled glycerol by fast fluorescence thermometry   ()
12:10 O50- Stefano Paoloni: Photopyroelectric investigation of the trans-cis isomerization effect on phase transitions of a liquid crystalline azobenzene   ()
Plenary session (until 09:15) ()
08:30 PL5- Daniel Lanzillotti Kimura: Novel nanophononic structures and devices   ()
Plenary session (until 10:00) ()
09:15 PL6- Sebastian Volz: Surface phonon-polaritons conduction and radiation   ()
10:00 --- Coffee break ---
Environmental, Agricultural, and Food Applications (until 12:20) ()
10:30 KN22- Mikhail Proskurnin: FTIR photoacoustic spectroscopy of soils: Comparison of FTIR modalities for soil fractions of various agrogenesis - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:00 O66- Jérémie Mathurin: AFM-IR study of carbonaceous chondrites and Ryugu samples returned by the Hayabusa 2 space mission   ()
11:20 O67- Szabolcs Hodovány: Soot selective size distribution measurement. A demonstrative study   ()
11:40 O68- Marilena Giglio: Air pollutants detection with QEPAS sensors   ()
12:00 O69- Hanna Budasheva: Optimization of PTD system for characterization of transparent and semi-transparent samples   ()
Novel Methodologies, Instrumentation, and Applications (until 12:20) ()
10:30 KN23- Filippo Bencivenga: Nanoscale structural dynamics by extreme ultraviolet transient gratings - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:00 O70- Nima Tabatabaei: Clinical validation of handheld thermo-photonic device for rapid detection and quantification of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies   ()
11:20 O71- Craig Prater: Optical photothermal infrared spectroscopy   ()
11:40 O72- Anna D. Kudryavtseva: Photon-phonon interaction in submicron particles systems: new method of Q-switching   ()
12:00 KN24- Jerzy Bodzenta: Scanning Thermal Microscopy – current applications and perspectives - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
Ultrafast Phenomena and Spectroscopy (until 12:20) ()
10:30 KN21- Samuel Raetz: Time-domain Brillouin scattering for probe light and acoustic beams propagating at an arbitrary relative angle - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:00 O62- Francesco Banfi: Ultrafast photoacoustic assessment of mechanical properties in InAs nanowires   ()
11:20 O63- Felix Noll: Detection of coherent acoustic phonons in thin gold films by surface plasmon resonance   ()
11:40 O64- Mike Hettich: Temperature dependent elastic properties and glass transition of nanometric PMMA films by picosecond ultrasonics   ()
12:00 O65- Jose A. Aguilar-Jimenez: Development of models for the study of heat transport in ultra-thin layers by transient grating spectroscopy   ()
Plenary session (until 10:00) ()
08:30 PL7- Vincenzo Spagnolo: Quartz tuning fork based photoacoustic spectroscopy and sensing   ()
09:15 PL8- Bernhard Lendl: Mid-IR laser based photothermal sensing of gases, liquids and imaging   ()
Plenary session (until 10:45) ()
10:00 Masahide Terazima: Investigation of site-related photochemical processes by photothermal grating   ()
10:45 --- Coffee break ---
Analytical Chemistry and Photochemistry (until 12:45) ()
11:15 KN26- Georg Ramer: Photothermal spectroscopy for nanoscale chemical imaging - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:45 O75- Griša Močnik: Calibrating filter photometers with direct measurements of aerosol absorption using a dual-wavelength photo-thermal interferometer   ()
12:05 O76- Emily Awuor Ouma: Selective measurement of ammonia isotopes by using photoacoustic spectroscopy   ()
12:25 O77- Angelo Sampaolo: H2S detection in complex gas matrices   ()
Infrared Thermography / Nondestructive Evaluation (until 12:55) ()
11:15 KN25- Michal Pawlak: Spectrally resolved modulated infrared radiometry - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
11:45 O73- Alexander Melnikov: Lock-in thermography of compressed metal powder metallurgy in pre-sintered state as flaw preventive non-destructive evaluation modality   ()
12:05 O74- Boris Majaron: Three-dimensional reconstruction of subsurface absorbing structures in human skin from photothermal radiometric records   ()
12:25 KN27- Perry Xiao: Photothermal radiometry data analysis with machine learning - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
Individual social program/departure (until 19:00) ()
20:00 Get together party   ()
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Biomedical Imaging and Applications (until 16:20) ()
14:10 KN6- Nima Tabatabaei: Molecular-specific imaging of tissue with photo-thermal optical coherence tomography - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
14:40 O4- Elnaz B. Shokouhi: Multispectral pulse truncated-correlation photothermal coherence tomography with applications to dental imaging   ()
15:00 O5- Liwang Liu: Probing cell mechanics with photoacoustic and photothermal methods   ()
15:20 O6- Jure Košir: Subsurface temperature monitoring during hyperthermic laser treatment   ()
15:40 O7- Boris Majaron: Hemodynamics in self-healing human bruises assessed by combined optical spectroscopy and pulsed photothermal radiometry   ()
16:00 O8- Margaux Petay: Breast cancer and biomineralization: new insights by means of infrared nanospectroscopy   ()
Laser Ultrasonics (until 16:20) ()
14:10 KN8- Osamu Matsuda: Optical generation and detection of GHz longitudinal and transverse acoustic waves in transparent medium with metallic grating structure - KEYTONE LECTURE   ()
14:40 O25- Clemens Grünsteidl: Laser-ultrasonic characterization of plates based on discrete points in their Rayleigh-Lamb dispersion spectra   ()
15:00 O26- Michal Kobecki: Giant photoelasticity of the superlattice polaritons for laser ultrasonics   ()
15:20 O27- Bernhard Reitinger: Defect detection in additively manufactured parts by laser ultrasonic tomography   ()
15:40 O28- Martin Ryzy: Measurement of the acoustic loss at GHz frequencies using laser-excited plate resonances   ()
16:00 O29- S. Izak Ghasemian: Optical and ultrasound imaging of shear wave generated by laser induced cavitation bubbles   ()
Material Research and Characterization (until 16:20) ()
14:10 KN7- Ernesto Marín-Moares: Front detection laser-spot active infrared thermography for thermal characterization of insulating solids - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
14:40 O12- Alexander Melnikov: High-frequency heterodyne lock-in carrierography (HeLIC) and thermography (HeLIT) imaging of optoelectronic materials   ()
15:00 O13- Andreas Mandelis: Characterization of photocarrier properties and their associated trap-state transport parameters of CdZnTe using heterodyne lock-in carrierography imaging and deep level photo-thermal spectroscopy   ()
15:20 O14- Diksha Singh: Thermal and optical properties of mixed CdTe and ZnTe based crystals   ()
15:40 O15- Jacek Zakrzewski: Photothermal Spectroscopy of Cd1-xBexTe Mixed Crystals   ()
16:00 O16- Karol Strzałkowski: Simultaneous thermal and optical characterization of semiconductor materials exhibiting high optical absorption by photopyroelectric spectroscopy   ()
16:20 --- Coffee break ---
Laser Ultrasonics (until 19:00) ()
16:50 O30- Carlos Serpa: Broadband high-frequency laser ultrasound generation and applications towards biological membranes   ()
17:10 O31- Jude Deschamps: Reaching the shock limit via synchronous laser ultrasonics   ()
17:30 O32- Daniele Vella: Ultrasonic emitter based on photoacoustic polymer graphene nanocomposites   ()
17:50 O33- Darja Horvat: Laser-induced shock wave expanded nanobubbles in spherical geometry   ()
18:10 O34- Jaka Mur: Microscale shockwave characterization following dual threshold laser-induced breakdown   ()
18:30 O35- Ziga Lokar: Ultrafast measurement of laser induced shockwave   ()
Material Research and Characterization (until 19:00) ()
16:50 KN10- Tomaz Catunda: Refractive index changes in solid state laser materials - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
17:20 O17- Vladislav R. Khabibullin: Correctness of assessment of thermophysical properties of solvents by dual-beam thermal-lens spectrometry   ()
17:40 O18- Evgeny Vyrko: Combining micro- and macroscopic approaches in a model of a thermal lens experiment in disperse media spectrometry   ()
18:00 O19- Anna Kaźmierczak-Bałata: Heat transport in polycrystalline oxide thin films   ()
18:20 O20- Dorota Korte: Porosity measurements in cellulose/chitosan biopolimers with added sporopollenin   ()
18:40 O21- Mioljub Nešić: Thermoelastic and optical properties of PLLA estimated by photoacoustic measurements   ()
Novel Methodologies, Instrumentation, and Applications (until 19:00) ()
16:50 KN9- Michael Kolios: On the detection of aerosolized submicron particles using non-contact photoacoustics - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
17:20 O36- Mioljub Nešić: Pulse gas-microphone photoacoustic signal measured by minimum volume cell set-up including thermal relaxations: Theoretical consideration   ()
17:40 O37- Porfirio E. Martínez-Muñoz: Development of a differential photoacoustic system for the determination of the effective permeability coefficient   ()
18:00 O38- Zoltán J Bozóki Open photoacoustic cell for concentration measurements at high flow rates   ()
18:20 O39- Panna Végh: Verification of the basic equation of gas phase photoacoustics   ()
18:40 O40- János M. Fekete: Determination of cell constant via combined photoacoustic and direct absorption measurement   ()
12:30 --- Lunch ---
13:45 --- Group photo ---
Infrared Thermography / Nondestructive Evaluation (until 15:50) ()
14:00 KN20- Peter Burgholzer: Detectability of noisy signals for photothermal and photoacoustic reconstruction - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
14:30 O58- Florian Dreier: Photoacoustic reconstruction formulas exploiting known location of 2D initial pressure   ()
14:50 O59- Wolfgang Haderer: Spatio-temporal imaging of the thermally hardened surface layer in steel parts   ()
15:10 O60- Sandeep Sathyan: Restriction on the laser wavelengths for imaging of metal/epoxy interfaces by time-domain Brillouin scattering   ()
15:30 O61- Peng Song: Application of all-optical and nondestructive laser ultrasonic in imaging of CFRP subsurface defects   ()
Low-Dimensional Systems, Nanoscale Phenomena and Nanostructures (until 15:50) ()
14:00 KN18- Jose Ordonez-Miranda: Nanoscale heat transport driven by surface electromagnetic waves - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
14:30 O44- Mohanachandran S. Swapna: Unwrapping the soot assisted intra-pigment energy transfer in leaves through thermal lens technique: time series analysis in nanobiophotonics   ()
14:50 O45- Rosa M. Quispe-Siccha: Elastic properties effect of nanoparticles-functionalized alpaca fibers by the photoacoustic method   ()
15:10 O46- Mario E. Rodríguez-García: Design, fabrication and characterization of Bragg reflectors based on porous silicon monitored by photoacoustics   ()
15:30 O47- Maria V. Tareeva: Multiple stokes and anti-stokes components generation by biharmonic pumping via stimulated low-frequency raman scattering   ()
Thermophysical Properties (until 17:30) ()
14:00 KN19- Nelson Astrath State: Using the photomechanical and photo-induced lensing effects to probe the fundamentals of electromagnetic forces in dielectric liquids - KEYNOTE LECTURE   ()
14:30 O51- Fernando Cervantes-Alvarez: Photothermal characterization of obsidian   ()
14:50 O53- Harol D. Martínez-Hernández: Structural, thermal, and electrical transport correlations in p-type Si as a function of carrier concentration: the effect of intrinsic and extrinsic defects   ()
15:10 O54- Mioljub Nešić: Characterization of TiO2 thin film deposited on silicon membranes using neural networks   ()
15:30 Blank   ()
15:50 --- Coffee break ---
Memorial session dedicated to Joan Power and Dane Bicanic (until 17:00) ()
Commercial presentations (until 18:00) ()
Poster session (until 19:30) ()
18:00 P23 - Dorota Korte: Analysis of SiO2 and BaSO4 leachates from dental composites by thermal lens spectrometry   ()
18:05 P25 - Saurer Markus: Detection of defects in multilayer solids with laser-induced surface acoustic waves   ()
18:10 P27 - Yang Zhang: Adaptive polarized photoacoustic computed tomography   ()
18:15 P29 - Noemi Orazi: 3D Browsing of historical books by means of Active Infrared Thermography   ()
18:20 P31- Roberto Li Voti: Thermal Anisotropy of Polyethersulfone Woven Textiles by Infrared Thermography   ()
18:25 P33 - Justinas Pupeikis: Efficient picosecond ultrasonics with a common-cavity dual-comb laser   ()
18:30 P35 - Neža Golmajer Zima: In vivo monitoring of laser tattoo removal using pulsed photothermal radiometry and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy   ()
18:35 P37 - Andreas Mandelis: Optothermal and photoacoustic characterization of protein corona and blood using plasmonic nanoparticles: pharmaceutical aspects.   ()
18:40 P39 - Miroslava Jordovic Pavlovic: The reduction of neural network input vector for efficient optimization of photoacoustic calibration   ()
18:45 P41 - Marcus Wolff: New Voltage Control Technique for Mach-Zehnder Modulators   ()
18:50 P43 - Ufuk Yilmaz: Novel approach for bottom-illuminated photothermal nanoscale chemical imaging with a flat silicon sample carrier   ()
Poster session (until 19:30) ()
18:00 P45 - Xueshi Zhang: Ppb-Level Methane Sensor Using a Multi-Pass Mode Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Technology   ()
18:05 P47 - Lixian Liu: Windowless Photoacoustic Cell for Trace Gas Detection   ()
18:10 P49 - Gianpaolo Bei: Doppler effect for thermal waves: theory and applications   ()
18:15 P51 - Andreas Mandelis: Three-Dimensional Truncated Correlation Photothermal Coherence Tomography Image Optimization using Linear Iso Phase Imaging   ()
18:20 P53 - Hui Zhang: The feature detection of GFRP subsurface defects using fast randomized sparse principal component thermography   ()
18:25 P55 - Fei Wang: Intelligent Identification for Delamination Defects of Aviation Honeycomb Sandwich Composites (HSCs) Using Convolution Neural Network Fusion Lock-in Thermography   ()
18:30 P57 - Maria Tareeva: Multiple Stokes and Anti-Stokes Components Generation by Biharmonic Pumping via Stimulated Low-Frequency Raman Scattering   ()
18:35 P59 - Usiel Omar García Vidal: Thermal study of ferromagnetic nanoparticles coated with mesoporous Silicon Oxide   ()
18:40 P61 - Usiel Omar García Vidal: Thermal properties measurement of chitosan-based films for agricultural applications   ()
18:45 P63 - Eder Contreras-Gallegos: Optical and Thermal Properties of Mexican Native Maize and Tortilla   ()
18:50 P65 - Fidel Roberto Castellanos Duran: Absolute fluorescence quantum yield spectra of light scattering samples determined using thermal lens spectroscopy aided by optical absorbance and fluorescence measurement   ()
18:55 P67 - Behnaz Abbasgholi Nejad Asbaghi: Miniaturized gel electrophoresis-thermal lens technique as a highly sensitive photothermal detection method   ()
Poster session (until 19:30) ()
18:00 P1 - Abdul Rahman: A modified mode-mismatched thermal lens spectrometry Z-scan mode: An exact approach   ()
18:05 P3 - Usiel Omar García Vidal: Thermal study of porous and compact SiO2 nanoparticle nanoliquids by TWRC technique   ()
18:10 P5 - Mioljub Nešić: Characterization of TiO2 thin film deposited on Silicon membrane using neural networks   ()
18:15 P7 - Yide Shang: Towards a point spread function for nanoscale chemical imaging   ()
18:20 P9 - Juan José Alvarado-Gil: Thermal lens spectroscopy: an analytical model for a pulsed-laser   ()
18:25 P11 - Jose Luis. M. Montes de Oca: Effect of mesoporous cerium oxide nanofluids on the thermal conductivity   ()
18:30 P13 - Juan José Alvarado-Gil: Thermal characterization of emulsions stabilized by Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate   ()
18:35 P15 - Alexander Melnikov: Simultaneous Reconstruction of Density and Thermal Conductivity Depth Profiles in Sintered Metal Powder Compacts using a Novel Inverse Thermal-Wave Method   ()
18:40 P17 - Jose Arturo Aguilar Jimenez: Photothermal characterization of polyester composites loaded with parallelly arranged graphite rods   ()
18:45 P19 - Fernando Cervantes-Alvarez: Thermal, mechanical and optical characterization of calcium caseinate biopolymers with borax as crosslinking agent   ()
18:50 P21 - Roberto Li Voti: Infrared emissivity of vanadium dioxide thin films coated on cotton fabrics   ()
12:20 --- Lunch ---
Senior scientist IPPA 2022 award (until 14:05) ()
13:30 Mauro L. Baesso: Photoacoustic and photothermal: progress to date towards fostering multidisciplinarity   ()
Young scientist IPPA 2022 award (until 14:40) ()
14:05 Gustavo V. B. Lukasievicz: Photothermal lens and photothermal mirror techniques: effects and applications   ()
James Smith Award (until 15:50) ()
14:40 Christ Glorieux: Validated and potential mechanisms for photothermal actuators, modulators and transducers   ()
15:15 Oliver Wright: Optical tracking of ultrafast surface vibrations   ()
15:50 --- Coffee break ---
Special Plenary Session (until 17:00) ()
16:15 Andreas Mandelis: Modalities of photothermal coherence tomography for enhanced three-dimensional imaging contrast, resolution and quantitative depth profilometry   ()
Presentations of candidates for organization of ICPPP22 (until 18:00) ()
Poster session (until 19:30) ()
18:00 P2 - Alvarado Noguez: Optical and Thermal Characterization of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Covered with Turmeric Extract   ()
18:05 P4 - Aldrin David Vargas Vargas: Thermal characterization of hydrocarbon-water interfaces   ()
18:10 P6 - Mioljub Nešić: Estimation of heat propagation speed in the thin graphen-oxide foil by photoacoustic   ()
18:15 P8 - Fernando Cervantes Alvarez: Study of thermal and optical properties of composites made of silver iodomercurate (Ag2HgI4) in a polymeric matrix   ()
18:20 P10 - Juan José Alvarado-Gil: Influence of the VO2 metal-insulator transition on the thermoelectric properties of composites based on a Bi0.5Sb1.5 Te3 matrix   ()
18:25 P12 - Fernando Cervantes-Alvarez: Thermal characterization of natural clay using photothermal radiometry technique for thermal insulation applications   ()
18:30 P14 - Ameneh Mikaeeli: UV light-induced thermal and optical properties of functionalized polymers with strong push-pull azo chromophores in side chain   ()
18:35 P16 - Usiel Omar García Vidal: Photothermal Techniques for 3D printing polymer characterization   ()
18:40 P18 - Sandeep Sathyan: Evaluation of optical and acoustical properties of Ba1-xSrxTiO3 material library by a multi-technique approach including picosecond laser ultrasonics   ()
18:45 P20 - Ankur Chatterjee: Double and multiple pump pulse time-domain thermoreflectance measurements   ()
18:50 P22 - Hanna Budasheva: Characterization of multilayered drug delivery systems for orthopedic implants by beam deflection spectrometry   ()
18:55 P68- Todorovic M. Dragan: Photoacoustics in the Study of Micromechanical Structures   ()
Poster session (until 19:30) ()
18:00 P46 - Daniel Maitethia Memeu: Analytical Method for Estimating Chemical Composition of Bio-Samples under Photo-thermal Investigation   ()
18:05 P48 - Xukun Yin: Photoacoustic SO2 gas sensor in SF6 buffer gas employing a 266 nm LED   ()
18:10 P50 - Mingqiang Liu: Twin-focus thermal lens microscopy: A theoretical description   ()
18:15 P52 - Augustin Salazar: Measuring the depth and width of delaminations by photothermal radiometry   ()
18:20 P54 - Cuiling Peng: Noncontact measurement of sub-micron-level ultrasonic vibration by near-field microwave   ()
18:25 P56 - Zhuoyan Yue: Research on Multi-dimensional Feature Recognition for PCBs Typical Defects Using Laser Ultrasonic Imaging   ()
18:30 P58 - Usiel Omar García Vidal: Study of the thermal properties of resin/graphene nanocomposite for 3D print applications   ()
18:35 P60 - Saucedo-Alfonzo DA: Characterization of natural hepatoprotectors and added foods by photoacoustic spectroscopy and colorimetry.   ()
18:40 P62 - Raul Romero-Galindo: Characterization of plasma-treated gooseberry (Physalis Peruviana L.) seeds using photoacoustic techniques   ()
18:45 P64: Andre Oliveira Guimaraes: Photopyroelectric technique applied to sodium alginate hydrogel characterization   ()
18:50 P66 - Daniela Amado Santos: Photoacoustic calorimetry study of the conformational variation of the chignolin peptide induced by a pH jump   ()
Poster session (until 19:30) ()
18:00 P24 - Khayala Agharahimli: Infrared Emissivity of microcapsules of organic phase change materials dispersed into smart wearable textiles   ()
18:05 P26 - Jaka Mur: Laser-induced shock waves and cavitation bubbles in different water metrices   ()
18:10 P28 - Julien Lecompagnon: Thermographic super resolution reconstruction using 2D pseudo-random pattern illumination   ()
18:15 P30 - Ugo Zammit: Infrared Thermography study of historical bronze composition effects on the transport properties   ()
18:20 P32 - Juan José Alvarado-Gil: Thermal characterization of polymeric thin films by photoacoustic spectroscopy   ()
18:25 P34 - Lilia Ivonne Olvera Cano: Measurement of glycated haemoglobin through photoacoustic spectroscopy, a non- destructive assessment   ()
18:30 P36 - Andreas Mandelis: Long-Wave and Mid-Wave Photothermal Coherence Tomography Imaging of Human Teeth   ()
18:35 P38 - Mladena Lukic: Machine learning based determination of photoacoustic signal parameters for different gas mixtures   ()
18:40 P40 - Marcus Wolff: Finding the optimal TDLS wavelength   ()
18:45 P42 - Elisabeth Holub: Mid-Infrared Photothermal Spectroscopy in Aqueous Media   ()
18:50 P44 - Le Zhang: Dual-resonant mode T-type cell-based Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Simultaneous Trace gas detection   ()
18:55 P69- Iain White: Sensitive detection of free bilirubin and biliverdin to explore their role as protective factors against the development of chronic degenerative diseases   ()
12:55 --- Lunch ---
Excursion (until 19:00) ()
20:00 --- Conference dinner ---